Hong Kong
I was in Hong Kong for only three months, during early summer.  It was hot.  It was humid.  It was crowded.  It was cool.  Hong Kong is a great place for shopping and eating.  I tried to find a tae kwon do place while I was there, but real estate is so  expensive and the place is so small, there aren't many dedicated studios unless you go further up north.  I went up to one place and everyone looked at me like I was lost.  The further north you go, the less foreigners there are, and the more reasonable the real estate prices.  I guess I went far enough north that everyone looked at me like I was lost.  Heh heh.

I've got LOTS of Hong Kong pictures.  Stay tuned.  I've also got to scan in pictures from the rest of the gang.  Doh!

Relatives in Hong Kong. My uncle there looks just like my granddad.
Doris Chung.  Doris works in HR  (National Semiconductor HK) and was really cool to hang out with.  Hi Doris!
My office view.
Hong Kong island from Kowloon.
Wan Chai from Star Ferry.
Jacky Wan.  Jacky also was in the office with me and we'd hang out.  He showed me some really cool places in Hong Kong.
Tour of my apartment. I used my digital camera here.  Sorry about the choppiness.
YMCA  Until moving to Hong Kong, I thought the YMCA was a US only thing.  Silly me.
Wan Chai.  Some random street in Wan Chai.
Apartment, living room view
Bank of America  Surprise!  BofA in HK!
Convention Center from Star Ferry
Entrance of apartment
Hong Kong from the Peak
Hong Kong from the Peak (part 2)
Hong Kong island from Kowloon
Mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui
Star Ferry
Star Ferry from Star Ferry
Star Ferry port in Wan Chai
Video Arcade