The Honda common service manual.

The service manual to the Honda VT250 Spada.

GMud32 v1.9b. A very simple, clean Win32 MUD client. Very fast text.

Source code to GMud32. The comments from the author states that this is based off of 1.7b and not the latest 1.9b due to a hard drive problems. You'll want to use Visual Studio 6.0, the Visual C++ Express .NET won't compile this due to lack of included libraries and header files. (I'm sure the more expensive versions will compile it.) If someone were to pick this up, from userland there are several issues that should be fixed, such as ANSI detection, fixing the input method (cutting and pasting long amounts of text into the input line puts GMud in some strange mode where output to the mud lags input), ANSI color problems in the scrollback buffer and maybe making the scrollback buffer bigger.

Rhapsody DR2 5.1 for x86 requires that the CD-ROM be on the primary IDE controller as the slave device. Use this script to move your emulated IDE CD-ROM to (or from) the secondary IDE controller to allow Rhapsody to install.

CDRWIN seems to crash when trying to make an .ISO file when you don't have any type of burner. This is unfortunate since my work machine has no drives of any type (laptop) and my iBook (using Virtual PC) doesn't pass through either the internal burner or my external burner as a burner. I notified Goldenhawk, and even pointed out exactly what needed to be altered (or at least hacked to stop crashing) and they were uninterested in supporting machines with no burners (even though I paid for my copy). Anyway, here is hacked version to prevent crashing. It doesn't bypass the registration. Don't ask me how.

The software included with the Digit@lway DMK model MP3 player prohibits the transfer of certain file types from the player. This patch will allow you to transfer files with extensions of MP3, WAV, WMA, WMV, ASF and AAC. The executable and the source code are included.